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Mother plants

A mother plant is a plant that, in a vegetative state, is kept alive with the reason: to multiply the plant. The mother plant is the original plant from which new plants through cuttings are grown, also called the daughter plants. In this way, a certain degree of quality of the plants- line can be guaranteed. The mother plant is often selected for desirable traits, such as strength, growth patterns, strength and specific characteristics such as flavor, color, etc. There also is looked whether the mother plant is free of bacteria, viruses and other germs. This is very important because if the mother plant is infected with something daughter plants will be too. Indeed, the daughter plants are exact clones of the mother plant.

In addition, a mother plant is used in a process that is referred to as hybridization. Upon hybridization, the mother plant will, under controlled conditions, be pollinated to create new seeds, which even meet better to the desired properties or in order to create new mother plants that are identical upon a specific trait or aspect, for example, flavor, color, strength of any odor or active substance.

Advantages of mother plants are: strong features, guaranteed quality, and relatively inexpensive, as long as the mother plant is maintained and nurtured in a proper way. One disadvantage that may threaten is depletion of the mother plant, when the mother plant is cut too soon over time it can become exhausted. Depleting a mother plant means that it no longer emits cuttings, so the mother plant becomes unusable. Resulting in the loss of all the desired characteristics on which the specific mother plant was selected.

Therefore, the advice always reads as follows: “Treat your mother plants like you treat your own mother, with respect and kindness.” 

For further information and advice about feeding and care of your mother plant, we are pleased to refer you to this website.